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The Song of Breath

Magazine : Matrusri English
Language : English
Volume Number : 2
Month : May
Issue Number : 2
Year : 1967

IN thy presence, O Mother Infinite, I’m

 the music that had gone mad after itself;

 the self that had lost itself in thoughtlessness;

 I am the existence that only exists.

In thy absence, O Mother Eternal, I’m

 the broken voice that’s at discard with itself;

 the self that’s lost in the wilderness of thoughts;

I am the existence that’s only broken.

Thou art the Sun that eternally shineth, yet

 rising and setting in my heart’s firmament,

 causeth Thou my desires to shine and fade out

 like stars and moon that ruffle the waves of the deep.

In Thy absence, I am like the bird that’s

its own burden, on its long and tired flight.

 In Thy presence, Mother, I alone exist,

like the gush of breeze that is it’s own joy.

In Thy presence, I am the thought unlettered;

 In Thy absence, I am the slip of my tongue!

In Thy presence, I am Thou and Me in one;

 In Thy absencce, I am the distance that seperate!!

Thy presence is, like mindfulness, subtly real;

 Thy absence is, like forgetfulness, gross.

In Thy presence I see,

the Cleaner in the cleaner,

 the Friend in the friend,

the Teacher in the foe,

the Thief in the thief.

But in Thy absence.

I see myself in all!


Feel happy over what takes place.

 Don’t worry over what doesn’t.


An atheist says “Nothing else exists except I”

theist says, “Everything is “

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