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The Song of the Lonely

Magazine : Matrusri English
Language : English
Volume Number : 2
Month : June
Issue Number : 3
Year : 1967

Every night in my life

 Is a count down from ten to zero

 I, like a space-craft, hurtle into sinister space

 And I leave myself, as it does the earth,

 My existence, a self-abandoned thought!


I’m like the lonely spaceman

 In a lonely space-craft

 That has lost its contact with those below,

 That has been fired too far into space

To permit safe return to my home below.


My air and my food

 Run shorter and shorter;

 I drift in the weightlessness

 Of living death, a mere thought

 In the minds of those below.


Mother, Earth is far from me!

 She’s like the unreachable moon,

 An unfulfilled longing that ne’er

 Might come true; She looks on

 As I am sucked into the depths of Space.


Every night in my life

 Is a count down from ten to zero

 With bated breath and pounding heart,

 I feel the dreaded moment approach

 Till, helplessly, I’m hurtled round

 Into the orbit again, my cries

 Muffled in the blast below!


I float and drift in the stillness

 Of eternal space, weightless.

 I’m caught in the orbit of dreadful

 Thoughts and fears; the whole shot,

 How cruel, and how ruthless!

 God! an innocent brother of mine

 Gets prepared for this imaginary honour

 And they with a demonic grin, cheer him!

 They that seem all love and care for him.

 Prepare for his honours and his funeral!


We are the victims of our love

 For the distant star that shines;

 And in bidding for it, we pledge ourselves

 To living death, and die while still alive!!


Your goodness brings tears to my Eyes. Abuse and even beating won’t

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