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M Lingeswara Rao
Magazine : Matrusri English
Language : English
Volume Number : 2
Month : November
Issue Number : 8
Year : 1967

Oh! MOTHER Divine, grant us faith to remember your Holiness, to by-pass the hum-drum of mechanised world, wherein Mother Nature’s pleasant smile is withering. Kindly lead us from gloom-enveloped world to the blissful land of Celestial lamps. Allow us to have a dip in the vast expanse of your mercy, to wash our agelong a cumulation of mountains of sins. Let the Hot waters of your compassion purge out the impurities from mind and heart: Let not the thorny bushes hinder the march of the soul, as we are weaklings, to overcome the stress and strain of the journey. Adorn our souls with pairs of wings to soar high up into the realms of divinity. Provide us food and drink to travel to the endless flights of soul. Dispel the clouds of darkne by your divine rays, so as to make us perceive the eternal truth Let the globe be ever free from disease, hunger and want and let every hill and dale, metropolis and jungle reverberate with your Holy name. Let the entire creation feel that “Existence Knowledge-Bliss’ is res ding at Jillellamudi in the form of a seemingly ordinary woman called AMMA. Shield us with strength to jump over the pitfalls lest we should be crippled accidentally: Let our thoughts and actions, at all times, be propelled by you.

Let wise and charitable thoughts rotate in the minds of the rulers and the ruled. Mother, bless this land of Bharat with plenty and prosperity, exterminating hunger and famine. Let cong Rial atmosphere pervale throughout the length and breadth of the world making it worth-while for the common human being to wel. Banish selfishness and instal Sacrifice on the world Forum. Mother, let not our vision be blurred by the short livel fancies and favour us with THE TORCH OF DIVINITY so that we may crawl over the slender thread of philosophy. Save us from the stumblings and somersaults which are being confronted by the false god-men of today.

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