The Verdict

Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Viswajanani
Language : English
Volume Number : 21
Month : July
Issue Number : 12
Year : 2022

“I have no catalog of rights and wrongs” pronounced AMMA. Meaning thereby that AMMA is not judgmental of HER countless children; but always views them with motherly indulgence. Further added that “MOTHER is unmindful of the children’s follies”. AMMA very generously conceded that “Frailty is but human nature”. To paraphrase the same in AMMA’S inimitable vernacular “Porapat Tho Koordinat Manavatvam”.

More prone towards forgiveness, being oblivious of the children’s follies or misgivings. AMMA in the larger perspective viewed that the individual actions are not merely his personal doings but caused, impelled by some other force far beyond his ambit. If so, he could hardly be the cause of his actions in the true sense. Individual freedom of action is merely superficial and very illusory.

Granting this the social norms set some modes of living that need be abided by one and all to facilitate harmonious living. Aberrations in such cases, deviations from the given ethical norms were dealt with by AMMA from time to time, on the merits of the case. The necessary corrections were made where needed with gentle motherly touch. Here AMMA took a stance that “Punishment is but Protection”. (“Sikshnana Kooda Rakshane”). Such punishment, that is correction made, is truly the motherly protection.

Viewing the early childhood of AMMA, she corrected the police constable who tried to snatch her gold ornament. AMMA gently counseled about his given role and the obligatory sense of duty in an affectionate motherly mode. Masthan has been reformed by mother’s words. Later regularly reached AMMA along with a few of his colleagues to listen to AMMA’S sooth says which set him upon the much desirable path of virtuous life meaning good for the people he comes across in the line of duty.

Much more grievous case is that of the greedy fisherman hovering near the Bapatla seashore. He was bent upon stealing all AMMA’S personal jewelry and putting an end to AMMA’S life so that his sordid act and evil intent never come to light. But AMMA’S supreme mystique casts the evil, erring fisherman into the raging sea that nearly chokes him to end his petty life. AMMA truly as the MOTHER brings him to the surface saving his life. He is counseled. Mentored to adopt a better mode of life, giving up his evil ways. He even takes AMMA to his home, making offerings of food.

Yet another case prominently dealt with by AMMA finding place in HER autobiography MAHODADHI is that of the errant husband, the straying sister-in-law causing hardship and injustice to the verily virtuous wife who never raises her voice, yet silently suffers the same. Here AMMA interferes in this family disharmony and corrects the erring persons. With AMMA’S arrival and interference, the entire family is set in the right position and correct posture of the individuals involved.

These are all the early instances where AMMA directly intervened in the real-life scenario and made the necessary, required corrections. These so-called punishments are but gentle motherly touches regulating their conduct for the better in the future. Such acts are but motherly protection though punishments of a gentle motherly mode. Having said this, these are but truly acts of protection by the mother so that these subjects do not stray beyond into worse evil causing harm to themselves and others around.

These instances are the early prelude in AMMA’S childhood for punishments that are but protection. To be more precise, in AMMA’S “Correction (punishment) too is but mother’s protection”. There are quite a few cases later when such erring persons who have gone astray taking shelter in the ‘HOUSE OF ALL’ the unique infrastructure created by AMMA. They passed through such difficult times here and then entered the society to pick up the thread of normal lives.

Yet a much more serious conspicuous case is that of the Naxalites raiding the abode of AMMA at Jillellamudi on the night of 31st December 1975. They caused havoc and chaos with the evil intent of taking away the monies, riches presumably parked here. For the normal outsider the impression is that to continue, conduct the feeding here regularly at Jillellamudi, this effort shall be sustained by sizable funds while the truth is otherwise. This is the outside misplaced impression among some sections of the public which could have prompted this raid.

Nonetheless, save that of some minor hostile deeds by the miscreants, no major harm has befallen any of the inmates. Some of the few devotee children rallied around AMMA taking her into a closed room. Late Brother Gopal Annaiah withstood them bravely facing the attackers. After a few moments of frenzy everything ended quickly, and normalcy was restored by AMMA’S grace.

During those days, I was posted at Nallajerla, a remote village in West Godavari District. Immediately I rushed to my father’s place at Tanuku nearby and mobilized him to Jillellamudi. The idea is that he, as former Police officials, can attend to the safety and security concerns at Jillellamudi, as well as oversee, coordinate the investigative process. This thinking favorably coincided with this inquiry being entrusted to the special DSP JOSEPH, a former commando in the army who handled the investigation and its sequel. My Humble intent is more than fulfilled in serving this cause as DSP JOSEPH is known to me from my very childhood as he was my father’s close friend.

In the course of his investigation, he reached Jillellamudi and saw AMMA. The police found the antecedents of the attackers and their subsequent misdeeds also. It was known that their attack was deliberate and preplanned with all prior information obtained through local stay, taking food here. An album with their photos was shown to Gopal Annaiah who could identify some of the persons there who mortally attacked him with a sharp weapon which he escaped narrowly by mother’s grace.

DSP JOSEPH spoke to AMMA on several issues while all the others were seated around AMMA. While talking to him AMMA picked up a red hibiscus flower. AMMA pulled each of the five petals from this flower and dropped each petal on HER feet, leaving down the flower with the one remnant petal. DSP Joseph, observing AMMA, keenly pleaded with AMMA to dispose of the left over sixth petal too.

AMMA’S ways are always inscrutable. Later there was a press release that five of the prominent miscreants raiding Jillellamudi met their end in a police force encounter while the sixth person escaped. After knowing these happenings others could understand the implications of the disposed five petals and the leftover sixth petal. The request of DSP JOSEPH to dispose of the sixth petal too likewise.

Here there was mortal punishment to the five offenders while the sixth had been excluded and life spared at that time though the sequel was unknown. Despite AMMA’S motherly forgiveness, forbearance towards the countless children, punishments were meted out as deserved in the due process of law. Here this is the verdict of AMMA that merits the situation where fellowmen, the rest of AMMA’S children were exposed and whose safety too is AMMA’S prime concern.

We should keenly draw the line between the explicit stance of the embodied motherly manifestation whose creed is exceedingly tolerant love, message of overbearing affection and care towards all beings. Yet AMMA is also the arbiter of the cosmic process as declared by HER with the role of restoring and regulating the living order, rather the entire creation which makes people meet their just ends at times in the interests of overall well being.

Furthermore, all acts committed, deeds done whatever be the causation falls within the social action at large casting their effects desirable or otherwise. All activity once performed comes within the ambit of the Law of Karma. Also, they get included in the Dharmic process at large. The laws of Karma and Dharma are relentless, bringing no exception ordinarily.

Granting this, these two laws, their relative conceptual implications are not beyond the purview of AMMA, divine motherly manifestation and the ever operative motherly love. Here, AMMA’S verdict of the Naxals must be viewed in the perspective of the prevailing wider order which AMMA controls and conducts.

The individual is persuaded to read this subtlety in his actions and deeds that are fully subject to the consequences, fruits of Karma and Dharma. Equally covered by MOTHER’S overbearing love, tolerance, indulgence, and forgiveness that ever coexist always coming into play in real life situations.

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