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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 8
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2009

To recall with deep yearning and devotion for those precious fleeting moments of history, AMMA’S Hyderabad visit of April 1974, has been an intensely human, touching experience in many respects. Much more so, for this humble self, to have lived. through every pulsating moment of the same.

Quite a few were the memorable episodes when motherly love bloomed profusely and found positive, purposive expression, at several places in and around Hyderabad. Now that we are the fortunate witnesses to all those historic events and given the benefit of hindsight; it is delightful to know that most of these venues were since transformed beyond cognition for the better, becoming havens of human betterment and well-being.

In those days of this memorable, eventful visit AMMA always used to move in a convoy of cars. This is always followed or escorted by four brothers accompanying the convoy as outriders on two wheelers either side in the front and the rear, giving directions and clearing the traffic as is the practice, for any State dignitary.

The city crowds used to watch this convoy move and wonder at it. This convoy appeared conspicuous in the city traffic those days, not being as voluminous and fleeting, as of now.

In one of such journeys, the convoy was moving on a desolate mud track in the outskirts of the city. The mid-noon Sun of the early April summer has been blazing and exceedingly hot.

The convoy has come across a lonely old person wending his way wearily on the mud track. Obviously the heat was enervating and telling upon him. Evidently he looked famished, tired and sweating, ill clad or half clad as he is. Added to this physically trying straits, he was carrying on his head, a load of chopped firewood, tied into a bundle on his head. He was holding the same  in place on his head, with both arms raised and taking the dreary steps.

Apparently, he is but a wood cutter eking his livelihood, by chopping wood from the nearby shrubs, surrounding waste land, and selling the same for his sparse existence.

The convoy of AMMA has come across this lonely, emaciated, aged wood cutter. AMMA made a gesture for the convoy to stop. The right hand rear window glass is open and lowered, through which AMMA outstretched HER hand for the unknown, forlorn, aged wood cutter. Within the stretched hand, AMMA held some *prasadam to grace this wood cutter.

In the meantime, AMMA signaled another brother to give prasadam to the old wood cutter, who is still standing with his head load, hardly aware of the unique significance of the moment.

All this was too sudden; I was surprised and as a reflex action, I rushed to the old man, to hold the wood bundle on his head, so that he could physically reach AMMA, and receive HER gracious touch.

On reaching him, raising my hands with the intent of lifting the wood bundle on his head, I looked behind, and saw AMMA giving the prasadam meant for this wood cutter to another brother, who happened to be close by.

This brother through whom AMMA intended to give prasadam meant for the old man, entreated AMMA to give prasadam for him too. AMMA calmly said “Nee Chetha Vaadiki Ippinchatamu, Neeku Ivvatame ” in vernacular telugu; meaning that “giving someone else through you is nothing but giving you or gracing you”. This brother was simply tongue-tied.

I refrained from holding the bundle of wood, as AMMA already sent him the prasadam and there was no chance of the singular wood cutter, nearing AMMA physically. 

Blessed indeed was the old man who could at least once in his lifetime find himself in AMMA’s path and be subject to HER boundless grace. Blessed indeed are all of us, to have witnessed and lived through this memorable, poignant episode.

Here one quote of AMMA occurs or flashes in the mind “Nenu Kanapadithene Meeru Nannu Choosthaaru. Meeru Choosthe Nenu Kanapadanu” This in essence implies or signifies that “I can be seen only when I appear (will or wish to appear) before you; not otherwise, or not that you can see me when or whenever you wish to”.

Granting this, this old lonely wood cutter, coming into the path of AMMA’S convoy, is nothing but an aspect of HER singular grace at that moment, to which he is subject quite unawares.

This apart, oftentimes, AMMA makes us do some good jobs. which in a way are but small errands, either to help others in need or may entrust some little tasks in course of AMMA’S service activities, being run through the Parishat.

This incident, and AMMA’S aphorism in this context, goes to prove that such participation, is itself much redeeming and an infusion of grace by AMMA into us and the lives of petty mortals like us.

It is enough and rewarding, as also redeeming personally, to realize that AMMA is fully abundant and adequate in HER cosmic self and there is little that we lesser mortals can add.

Whatever little done by us or any petty service rendered, is meant only for our redemption (neutralizing any of our bad karma) and personal edification; nothing more or nothing less.

This episode unmistakably conveys this sobering thought or lesson for one and all as revealed in AMMA’S own words.

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