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Thou art my mother, and my all !!

Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 20
Month : July
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2021

May everyone be happy and “contented”

 And may everyone’s good wishes come true,

And may God grant me this.

 That I may know myself and that

Wisdom and not knowledge be my share

And let me be true to myself and to those I love

 And may those who love me find me true and fast 

And I wish that thou whom I love

May never leave me

If I am darkness

Thou art light;

If I am the lamp

Thou art the oil;

If I am the night

Thou art the moon;

And with myself as candle

 Thou art the wick and wax;

If I am the gazelle

Thou an my swiftness;

Myself as a road

Thou art the aim;

And if I am a stream

You are my waters;

And with me as a temple

Thou art the god;

If I am a mountain

Thou art my Base:

With myself as a Bee

Thou art the honey;

And If I am an ocean

Thou art my pearls:

And myself as a lotus

Thou art the sun;

If I am the flower

Thou art the fragrance;

With me as a chicken

Thou art the hen;

Myself a peacock 

Thou art my cloud;

And me as a kitten

Thou art my mother;

If I am the thunder

Thou art the lightning;

With me as a Brook

Thou art the stream;

And if I am a dog,

Thou art my master;

And with me as a coral

Thou art my hold:

Myself a small fish

Thou art my pond of fish water; 

With me as a bangle

Thou art the hand;

And if I am the pen

Thou art my nib and ink With Thee as soul I am the body;

And with She as waters

I am a plant;

With me as a student

Thou art the knowledge;

And with me as chariot

Thou art the horseman;

And me as a baby

Thou art the milk;

With me as eyes

Thou art the sight;

And with me as a child

Thou art My Mother;

And thou art the sound

With me as ears;

With thee as author

I am the book;

With me as nectar

Thou art my sweetness;

With me as an actor

Thou art the director;

And me as flute

Thou art my breath;

And with me as a guest

Thou art my host;

With me as a guitar

Thou art the player;

With me as a mister

Thou art my property;

And if I become a drum

 Thou art the drummer;

And me as a lip

Thou art love;

With me as slave

Thou art the master;

And me as heart

Thou art virtue;

And with me as a mark

Thou art the blood;

With me as a boy

And with me as a man;

Thou art my mother, And Thou art my mother, and my all !!

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