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Thou Art the EARTH

Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 8
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2009

Oh! Mother,

 Thou art the Earth and 

The very Universe,

 Oh! Mother, my Mother.

All the worlds sprung up

 In your benign shade, 

And all the paths are strung 

Truly in YOUR glorious stride.

All the world’s faiths have

 Only mingled in your benevolent

 Shadow and shelter; 

THOU are but the lodestar,

 in the Path of harmonious synergy, 

That obtains amidst all creeds.

Oh! AMMA thou art 

But the harmonious truth 

That abides and subsists,

 Inherent in all faiths.

The one that speaks,

The one that beholds,

 And the one that acts, 

Are contained in YOU verily.

The sense of deeming right and wrong,

 The higher self that discriminates, 

The values in the world and the one

 That spells the norms of good and bad, 

Is only ingrained in YOU.

Are you the one that

Sets the course for the world, 

And conducts it towards the set path?

 And obviously in THY course set,

All the values and numbers 

Are reckoned in quantum,

 And verily in substance too.

The lesser mind seeking YOU,

 Earnestly gets lost in

 The infinite bliss, and while

 Being in such course, 

Finally gets emancipated.

Thus duly integrating and 

Scanning the life process

Till its completion. 


AMMA is truly all inclusive. Nothing is out of HER, all aspects that are manifest and the unmanifest are only contained in HER. Therefore SHE is the ONE and equally so the many and varied expressions that are visible. Yet by virtue of such unique ONENESS, SHE connotes the symmetry, the synergy and the convergence amidst all phenomena.

To elaborate SHE is the very earth, all the worlds and also the absolute universe or the whole cosmos. SHE is the summation of all that exists, also connotes the harmony in this mega existence, on the micro and macro planes. As AMMA declared “All is That” (Antha Ade).*

Given this situation, all the worlds emanated in HER benign grace and thrive or flourish in its shelter. All the set paths or pursuits in the world are consistent with AMMA and are strung together in HER stride; the way of AMMA forms the confluence of all faiths that exist. Nothing is out of it.

All paths are within AMMA in their essence and seemingly without physical expression. The essential truth or the crux of all paths that induce harmony subsists in AMMA. Precisely this is decreed by AMMA – “Sarva Sammathame Na Matham”. “My creed conforms to all faiths”, and shall be acceptable to aspirants of all kinds adhering to different religions or faiths.

AMMA’S tenets never drew any line between caste, sect, religion or creed and found acceptance among all persons of different backgrounds. Thus giving no room for discord, strife or intolerance among the followers of diverse paths, simply because, the goal of all is but one and identical. AMMA pronounced “Acharinche Vadiki Yedaina Okate”, “For the one who follows earnestly, all the paths are one and the same”, thus striking at the root of divisiveness. Thus AMMA conveys the synthesis of all beliefs, systems and varying schools of thought.

When one gets into the sphere of physical action, we observe that someone speaks, someone sees and someone else acts physically, apparently to be seen as the many doing this. But all these multiple selves seeing, speaking, and acting are to be perceived in AMMA, being the cosmic universal self. So also these varying actions are also part of the cosmic process contained in AMMA. Although apparently divergent, all actions that emanate in the world are sourced in AMMA, in HER unique state of peerless ONENESS.

This is because, all activity is prompted by HER volition (samkalpa)*. All actions both the mundane and spiritual are only by HER prompting ala AMMA “Prerane Bhagavanthudu”* meaning the overall volition (Samkalpa) or the prompting emerges from the higher source which is but the cause of all activity evident in the world. This depicts the underlying unity of existence despite the apparent diversity.

Further, the sense of viewing right and wrong, the norms of good and bad and the higher values that emanate in deep discrimination or introspection, are all included in AMMA, who is the supreme self that connotes and covers all that is; to put this in HER own words “Unnadantha Ade”* – meaning “All that exists is THAT”. The inner discrimination and the deeper introspection are all within AMMA and fully inclusive.

The tiny self investigates the good and bad, the right and wrong, the ephemeral and the eternal, and verifies all the opposites and the dualities of existence, digging into the overwhelming, baffling diversity that obtains in the physical vision.

After all the speculation, the lesser mortal is inclined to believe that all the varying values and diverse phenomena that are seen and are being seen, are but part and parcel of the all pervading AMMA and nothing is out of it. Verily AMMA alone sets the norms of living and lays down the ethical codes of existence.

The way of AMMA is illumining and depicts all that is desirable for the beings in their life. Suffice for the being to abide by AMMA.

Given this situation, the self moves further and queries itself, whether AMMA is the source of the cosmos. Gets convinced and concludes that AMMA sets the cosmic course and conducts the world accordingly.

In such a course and in its transition the being broods over eternal reality and its substance and nature. Initially it is reckoned physically (Sankhya) + in gross terms and in quantum. In the process, the mind gets deeper and deeper and gets into the subtler realms, fusing into the infinite or merging into the all pervading, infinite ONENESS; verily the Paramathma or Satchidananda,+ or the infinite bliss consciousness. Eventually, gets liberated, while being fully involved in this very life, becoming a Jeevanmuktha. +

During this pursuit, the lesser mind becomes duly aware and gets emancipated, cognizing the timeless ONENESS of AMMA. In the course of this transition and fusion with AMMA, finds earthly fulfillment and spiritual attainment. Freed from all desires, the self finds absolute salvation, integrating the temporal and the eternal in AMMA’S benign grace and shelter. Thus emerges a unique synthesis of the earthly and the eternal to be accessed only in AMMA.

“All is THAT,

All that exists is THAT, 

There is nothing but THAT” Amma


AMMA expresses the very same in HER 

Inimitable vernacular, Telugu

“Antha Ade,

Unnadantha Ade,

 Adi Kanidi Edi Ledu”  – Amma.

The essence of all this being “THAT THOU ART” ‘tatvamasi’.+

Amma’s words in vernacular Telugu

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