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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 8
Month : July
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2009

Oh! AMMA, Mother,

 Which is the base? 

Who is the one that tends?

For the kite in flight,

 Without the string, 

For the water bubble, 

That faces the raindrop,

For the rocking boat,

 With the weak hull, 

Lost in the severe tempest,

 In the deep seas.

Who is the prop, AMMA,

 Which is the shelter?

The self in which it

Emanates, and the self,

 In which it grows, 

As also gets fused and dissipates

 In the very same self.

The whole universe is only within HER,

SHE is but the whole cosmos,

And the very MOTHER is but

The source of the earth;

For such a singular ONE, 

Who is unique in HERSELF?

 Which is the prop? 

And which is the base?

The lesser mortal is but a tiny speck in the infinite, endless creation. He is baffled at the mega creation and at the same time overcome by his own insignificance and inconspicuousness. He has come into nearness with AMMA.

The individual is intrigued and deeply introspects as to which is the base or source or the cause that tends and sustains the entire life process that obtains in the universe.

As an individual he has come in close proximity to AMMA and gets concerned about the trials, tribulations and travails, even a person of AMMA’S stature undergoes and comes through, though unruffled. Verily in AMMA’S personal life SHE faces many odds, some natural and quite a few caused by the persons opposed to HER persona and ways.

It is quite often the fact in history that persons of extraordinary stature and thoughts not conforming to the ruling norms face censure, ridicule and even oppressive resistance, bordering persecution. Yet their very truth and the correctness of such persons eventually get through and gain acceptance. Even so for the close onlookers the process will be trying and such struggles cause concern.

That apart the ordinary mortal is too frail and vulnerable to emerge successful in life. He is subject to the turmoil of the senses, worldly distractions and his own personal frailties. This feebleness of the individual is to be reckoned with though distressing for the one who aims at the ultimate awareness. To reach the final destiny the being has no choice but to pass through all these blocks one after the other successively, to free him from bondage and reach the eternal self.

In this journey they bring questions and broods over his difficult plight. Finds it analogous to the kite in flight that is without the string to give it a direction; to the water bubble in the rain that gets blown by any of the rain drops at any point of time. So uncertain, so transient and so fickle is the status of the lesser mortal.

While going through mundane odds of life, he is like the rocking boat with a weak hull facing the tempest in high seas, not finding direction nor the shore nearby, likely to list and capsize any moment, putting the boat as also the person’s life in jeopardy. Such is the frailty of life and human existence.

As AMMA pronounced “Frailty marks human nature” (“Porpaat Tho kudina manavatvam – in vernacular Telugu by AMMA). Despite the frailty, fickle self and the enfeebled body, the individual necessarily has to forge ahead and arrive at the destination that is choiceless. In course of this struggle the being questions AMMA as to who is the prop, base or support and who is the one that tends to him, cares, gets concerned and leads him to the goal.

On deeply applying to these issues, the being realises or gradually becomes aware, that his tiny self is but part of AMMA, the mega universal self, paramathma; out of this larger self AMMA, the individual person emerges, grows, and fuses in AMMA. In the end this tiny self dissipates in AMMA, the infinite self, losing his personal identity.

The ultimate realisation emanates from within that the entire universe is not out of HER and AMMA is inclusive of the whole cosmos with little exception. If so, AMMA is verily the source of this earth on which this lesser mortal subsists.

Granting this, for such a larger all-pervasive AMMA that includes the whole creation and the cosmos, SHE needs no prop or support, come what may in HER mundane sojourn. The empathy of the individual towards AMMA’S seemingly difficult straits only helps his redemption and elevation in the wake of time, when he grows aware of AMMA’S omniscience and omnipotence.

Truly for the individual in this earthly life AMMA is but the source, the base, the prop and the caretaker that propels him towards destiny. The person needs only surrender and place himself at AMMA’S holy feet for HER divine dispensation.

(Adapted from brother Mannava Butchiraju Sarma’s ‘ANUBHAV ASARAM’ – song “ADHARAM EVARAMMA”)

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