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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 12
Month : July
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2013

Oh! Mother THOU art peerless,

 None can match you ever in this world, 

Nor anyone ever emulate THEE, 

Doubtless AMMA, you are nonpareil.

To those who contemplate you:

 Are the very experiences they beget? 

For those that introspect, you

 Unfold or unfurl the secret of the self.

THY glance is the lustrous pearl 

That shines with compassion ever, 

THEY say is veritable truth inviolable.

 You view the occult powers in scant regard, 

But reckon THY purity is all that sources 

Any treasure and every good all around.

Have no teacher than rich experience mellowed

 In truth that becomes your very precept

 Rejoice in no pleasure than ever feeding others.

THOU art not the teacher of precept 

Nor the one who schools in stern order,

 That irks the taught, even so the seeker, 

All are but YOUR dear children, 

The entire existence is THY beloved offspring.

Never reckoned them disciples to be taught,

Motherly love is but the cradle that endears,

 And schools the children with sweet care well

 Laced in ceaseless concern, that always protects.


In the world that we see around and pass through we find many saints, seers, spiritual masters, pontiffs and so on. Some of them are even regarded the manifest divine entities. Or, more likely the followers find such traits or impute the same to their masters whom they revere.

Even so, AMMA is deemed far apart, let alone among the tribe of such masters and spiritual heads. AMMA is regarded to be at the apex of the divine order or hierarchy as the experiences of the individuals around her make them believe.

Here, Brother Raju songs of such lofty, incomparable, unassailable posture or positioning of AMMA. Truly such exalted pedestal on which SHE is placed meets no parallel nor brooks comparison. Even few could or can ever emulate such unique stature. Thinking thus, truly AMMA does not appear to have a parallel anywhere either in the earthly domain or in the heavenly orbits.

It is pertinent to substantiate this fact for the benefit of those not exposed to AMMA earlier. During AMMA’S physical form many god men, saints, pontiffs have come into HER presence, to be blessed and graced who later on occupied coveted spiritual positions, with a tribe of followers or disciples of their own in their aftermath of life. To be precise, AMMA thus charted their paths or swayed their spiritual destinies, though not overtly said so.

To expound the exalted divine stature, AMMA conferred divinity on her daughter HYMA and spouse NANNAGARU consecrating them in the respective shrines. Now devotee children of AMMA flock to these temples for fulfilling earthly wants or attaining higher spiritual ends. Even here in this context, numerous experiences are recorded which are not being alluded to in this presentation.

To elaborate for the persons who contemplate on the eternal reality, SHE becomes the very experience to beget when they come in close touch. To those who introspect, AMMA unfolds the secret of the self within as also without that prevails all over.

Yet, SHE is ever merciful; HER glance is like the lustrous pearl that emits compassion ever on all beings. AMMA’S words convey the absolute truth that leaves nothing beyond that tends to be inviolable and intrinsic. Even such essence of truth is simply and succinctly exposed.

With all this, AMMA does not resort to the mystic or occult to sway others, which she holds in scant regard. AMMA does act with purity and love, which serve every need and every good all over. As AMMA pronounced “Concealed are my ways” that are difficult to foresee or interpret. Yet the alchemy of HER being and person bring all auspices and fulfill all needs.

As is commonly observed, SHE does not have a teacher save the rich experience that is mellowed with a touch of reality. Such experience is the very lesson from which others can imbibe a lot that is needed in the temporal and the spiritual domains.

AMMA does not school her children in a stern and regimented order which is irksome and difficult to follow either for the worldly person or the ardent seeker. In fact SHE becomes the meeting point for both these ends, deeming everyone as her child and the entire existence as the offspring. As the very mother, AMMA caters to the child’s mundane needs as also spiritual aspirations equally for those who are earnest.

Thus those who flock to HER are not looked upon as disciples to be subject to rigorous codes of conduct but as children being comforted in the cradle of motherly love. Each child being schooled in an endearing mode, laced with caressing mother’s love which is ever protective of the child. Each one gently and lovingly nudged to his rightful and merited post in life.

(Adapted from Song 61, Page 65 “Neeku Neevenu Sati” from ‘Anubhava Saram’ authored by Brother Mannava Butchi Raju Sarma)

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