C G Westerlund
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 20
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2021


There is no you or I there is only Divine Mother.

Who is appearing as you and me?

Oh. can’t you see. It is Divine. Divinity always appears as the ‘we’ There is no Sun or Moon. There is only Divine Mother appearing as the Sun and Moon.

Only THAT, which is all is MOTHER-She alone is this game of name and form. 

The seen is SHE with form the unseen is Divine AMMA without form.

The unseen is Divine Amma without form.

Yet, at once SHE is ever the same, all pervading, pure and holy.

There is no Gordon Wester Lund. There is only a Divine mother. Divine mother is appearing as Gordon Wester Lund. There is no birth or death. There is only Amma who is manifesting as birth & death.

There is no mother or father, there is only Divine Mother and is manifesting as mother and Father.

There is no Jillellamudi. There is only Divine Universal Amma, appearing as Jillellamudi.

There is no individual Amma Anasuya Devi, there is only Universal Divine MOTHER Appearing as Amma Anasuya Devi.

There are no individual thoughts that we think. Only the Universal Mother Divine plays this game of thoughts and no thoughts or thoughtlessness.

There is no wife but Amma Divine, There is no husband but Amma Divine

There is no child but Universal Divine Mother.

Whom have I in heaven, but you, O! Divine AMMA and who is there on earth, but you, Oh Divine the AMMA

Never talk to another AMMA to the only one the Matha to talk to. SHE is all pervading in every form and name.


“Everything is the Support of Everything” AMMA of Jillellamudi. There is no disease, there is only Amma, universal AMMA appearing as whatever is there.

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