Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 14
Month : July
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2015

Oh! Mother, AMMA ever holy is THY name,

 This self ever mindful of THY form, 

Even the infant chants THY name,

 So does the brute of an animal.

The ascetic ever thinks of THOU,

 Even the lowly beings bow THEE,

 THY form ever causes auspices

Those abound on us evenly.

This creation ever echoes with THY name.

That enables us overcome difficult straits.

When our eyes behold or

 Visualize THY ever benefic form, 

Are kindled with THY radiance, 

That brings us bounteous grace always.


We bow THEE, AMMA.

In this lyric, Brother Mannava Butchraju Sarma, prays AMMA. He pays tribute to AMMA’S divine name (NAMA) that is ever holy and the mere chanting of the same relieves the person of misery and redeems his lot. To clarify, not merely AMMA’S name, even the mind is ever conscious of AMMA’S glorious, gracious form. This lyric is more of a devotional eulogy.

To elaborate, even the infant, or even the new born child utters a shrill cry for the mother when he enters the earthly domain and looks upon the mother for the first feed. Even later on, the child is much dependent upon the mother for sustenance; equally so to find his way in the world eventually. As is well known, the hand that rocks the cradle leads the way for anyone and everyone.

Even as one grows up whether one gets refined or even remains brutish with all his base instincts only has recourse to none else but the mother. Obviously, the lesser mortal is no exception in chanting the name of AMMA and thinking of HER. Those who are steadfast, austere ascetics always utter AMMA’S name in utmost reverence and submission. AMMA’S glorious form too is ever auspicious and causes bounteous blessing for one and all evenly. In such universal, even benefaction, AMMA hardly ever discriminates the individuals by their conduct or even character. This is so because, the mother loves all the children equally and never draws a line of discrimination.

As AMMA pronounced this very universe is but the MOTHER. MOTHERHOOD and MOTHER’S LOVE envelop the entire creation and the cosmos with little exception or exclusion. Thus the mother’s form is all pervading and all permeating. Likewise, this entire world, the entire creation echoes with AMMA’S name.

The person who ever chants AMMA’S NAME is enabled to tide over the difficult stretches in his life with complete ease. Verily as AMMA decreed chanting HER name or even beholding HER relieves misery and redeems the individual.

In this Kali Yuga the times of stress and turmoil, the scriptures convey that mere chanting of the god’s name or visualizing his form, conjuring up the godly image in the mind, burns the pent up Karma. In the karmic tripod of Prarabdham, Sanchitham and Agami, the individual helps himself in diluting or dissolving the accumulated baggage of Karma, merely by being devout and mindful of god, taking to the righteous path, chanting the god’s name and bowing the – ALMIGHTY AMMA.

Pray AMMA BLESS us all to be submissive and devout. Pray AMMA GRACE us to pass through this worldly sojourn in surrender to HER.

(Adapted gratefully from ‘ANUBHAVA SARAM’ by Brother Mannava Butchiraju Sarma; Song No.45, ‘NEE NAMAME PAAVANAM’, Page No.49)

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