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TIME: The Eternal and Unfathomable

A V R Subramanyam
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 8
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2009

AMMA attaches utmost importance to ‘Time’. It is unique, unparalleled, and eternal and one without a second that fleets unnoticed.

It is the law of Nature guided by its own principles and conduct. Time cannot be counted with the help of a clock or an almanac or periods of life (from Womb to Tomb). It is impossible to express in terms of earth’s spin and rotation. Moreover, it cannot be perceived by the traditional parameters like Past, Present and Future tense sense that seems to be apparently true. They are often regarded as watertight compartments and such misconceptions blur the reality.

In order to comprehend the true meaning of the word ‘Time’, one has to go beyond the clichés such as: “Time comes but once and never returns”, “It is one of Heaven’s choicest blessings and once lost, is irrecoverable”, etc. All times are not only the good ones but also the best. Whether it is a full moon day, or a New moon day or whether it happens to be “Chaturthi” or “Shashti” (certain lunar days are often supposed to be the symbols of evil omens)….. Everything is meant for the best and nothing for the worst according to AMMA. In fact, there is no place for the word ‘waste’ in the dictionary of AMMA.

Vedas also proclaim that every day is a “Subha Tithi” which means that every day is a good day bringing in wealth and sunshine into life for the welfare of mankind as well as all living organisms.

Time is porous and incandescent that consumes all impediments like fortunes and misfortunes, joy and grief, conceptions and misconceptions, real and unreal, seen and unseen, life and death etc.

AMMA does not differentiate the Past and Future tenses from the Present tense. To AMMA nothing is indefinite and everything is Present Definite; everything is simple and Simple Present tense only.

AMMA says, “In my view, there are no such things as past and future lives. When everything appears to me simultaneously, where is the question of past and future? The partitions have been removed, my child! I am sitting in a room and I can see through the wall into the room behind me and into the room in front of me. Then it appears like one single room to me”.

AMMA calls the preordained moment ‘Tarunam’ in vernacular Telugu. Time is all powerful and despotic. It has a magic wand in its hand. It has no concern for any individual’s interest but is a conveyance of God’s will; a shape of preordination; an unseen form of God’s volition. It is not temporal but perpetual; is not bound by any force but unbound, free, straight forward and unflinching.

Time is impersonal and everlasting. It is miraculous and mysterious by nature. It can see that anything is done or undone. Even the creator also seems to have been bound by the chains of time. With reference to the ‘time span’ of Her incarnation, AMMA said, “My life is unbound, but bound to History (History as seen in a limited Time frame)”.


comforts, consoles and conceals us;

accelerates, retards, leads and hinders our actions;

is the life-elixir as well as the life-extinguisher;

is an ecclesiastical court that sentences retribution;

is a peerless heavenly grace that showers benediction indiscriminately.

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