Magazine : Matrusri English
Language : English
Volume Number : 1
Month : August
Issue Number : 3
Year : 1966

Will the river shun the waters that rush to her,

 for they came through small brooks?

 Can a mother be angry, when her child in its playe fall heavily on her?

Can the moon be angry, for the children waved

 white chubby hands at him in their mirthful mockery?

Will you be angry Mother,

For I am trying to praise Thee with these pale and dull words?!

The courage given by Rama

made monkeys conquer ‘Lanka’.,

Even parrots can sing timely songs

when properly taught.

When iron pillets can be cooked

 with the help of Thy name

Can thy grace be held back Mother,

 When thy child cries ‘Mother’?!

Just because elephants come to ‘Manasasarovara”,

 are the little swans forever forbidden?

Should none else walk on earth

 For they could not walk as graceful as the swan?

 Should the sky refrain itself from reflecting in a pond,

 for even the vast oceans could not contain its reflection?

Let all place at Thy lotus feet fragrant flowers!

 But I have nothing save withered grass to offer Mother!

 Won’t Thou accept, Mother!!

Just as in sunlight all clouds do their jobs;

 And as all could to slip into the lap of slumber

 as the cool breeze soothes them;

And as with the order of the king

 the warriors leap on the enemy to conquer,

 We will be dancing with joy and mirth

 When Thy glance is cast towards us Mother!

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