Magazine : Matrusri English
Language : English
Volume Number : 1
Month : October
Issue Number : 5
Year : 1966

How I wish Mother!!

that my ears should shun those that should not be heard

 that my eyes should despise the sight that should not be seen

 and that my tongue should come to refrain from

 uttering that that should not be uttered;

that badness should flee from me like darkness seeing the light,

 And that I should kiss thy Tender feet ever, Mother,

transgressing my own narrow barriers, like a river in floods

And that you should fill each pore and atom of mine

 like the moon-light that bathes every nook and corner

 of the earth on the full moon day!!

The Sandal tree can’t become something else

 Just because it is in a jungle Mother!

Won’t the lamp be called a lamp

when moved to some other place?

Just because they are far away,

 can a star shut off giving its light,

14and can musk refrain its fragrance!!

Just because you are in Jillellamudi

How comes it dear, that you can’t be my “Mother”.

Though he resides in the shades of the palace

will the beggar be termed a ‘King’?

 Though paraded with thousand ornaments

 a An ox can’t but eat grass and hay.

Though it ever remains embracing the Sandal tree

 the venom of the serpent can’t turn into Milk Mother!


Though I am near Thee,

my venom is still in me Mother!!

 As an owl that could see darkness alone

I am hugging to my heart those that Thou art

forbidding Mother!

My head is reeling without drinking and

 My eyelids are falling heavily, and

 without coma I am talking like a mad cap.

This strange disease of mine

Thou alone could cure Mother!!

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