Magazine : Matrusri English
Language : English
Volume Number : 1
Month : January
Issue Number : 8
Year : 1967

In my dreams and fond wishes,

I am a calf and Thou art my Mother!

I am a fish and Thou art my mighty ocean!

I am a sapling and Thou my life-sustaining water!

I am a chick without wings and Thou art my Mother feeding me.

How can I express my gratitude to Thee for alllowing me to dream thus, Mother!!


If I were to become a candle and glow in Thy bed room corner

when Thou art fast asleep!

If I could mix my blood with the water that

Thou splash in your mirthful play!

 If I could but convert my breath as Thy fan,

 and myself as thy Foot stool!!


I khow that I won’t be of any use to anybody whatsoever

 and that is why I came to Thee Mother!

 But, what benefit can an ass get by dipping in the Ganges!

 will it be of any use to decorate a corpse with ornaments!

 Like a chilly with a sugar coat, like a well in a forsaken city,

like an empty vessel well cleansed and like an earthen

 fruit that is painted beautifully on its outside,

I am still the same in my cure Mother!!

Will sand mult with hot waters?

 Let the law of Thy anger Hand me in and out

 Mother, and let us see whether I cada be metamorphosed!


No human has a liking for poisoned food!

No wants to sleep ima buruine hot & trest in a

 Tiger’s cave of ba liking fra spent the pillow.

 Adong wish to swim in molten iron! But Thou………


Despite the frantic running of the elds, the sky won’t be moving

 Though the stars as moving: the pole star moves not!

 The sands of pilgrims may walks to her but the path does not

 walk and the earth shakes not a bit when thunder, storms shake towns,

Likewise, to my frantic calls. Thou too hast cultivated

 silence as an answer, Mother!

What can I do? ?


I know now why the flowers bloom!

They are opening their petals with a hope to see The Mother

I know why they droop down in the evening too!

With the fatigue of unrewarded waiting Mother, since

Then hast not been that way!

 I know why the flowers drop down to earth too Mother!!

 with a hope that Thou may trod that path one day or the other!

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