Magazine : Matrusri English
Language : English
Volume Number : 1
Month : June
Issue Number : 1
Year : 1966

If two mirrors are placed before one another.
 Which mirror reflects and which is reflected?
If another Sun doth rise before the one,
which one gives the light and which receives? 
If my mind stands before Thine,
Is it my image that is seen in Thee or Thine in me?
Even then, just as 
The fragrance from the musk
And the sparkle from the diamond
cannot be parted, 
None can ever separate Thee from me
and me from Thee!


As the two lips together speak but one word.
As the two eyes view the self same scene,
 As the two ears hear but the same word,
As one noise springs of two sticks rubbing,
As one harmony emanates from the two halves of the Veena,
My lips shall speak Thy word,
My eyes shall view as Thine,
And What’s Thy wish shall be mine too!


Art Thou afraid that this one is like a waxen case
That melts down when you enter it?
Then shall I turn into the fire of Thy form
And merge in Thee, within and without!
But you need not fear even this!
Does the silvery light of the moon, however bright,
scratch when gathered up in the lap?

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