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V S R Moorty
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 15
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2016

Death has changed. Body undergoes change. That one which is all along in the body but not visible and which is beyond the reach of mind, that which is not amenable to anything but unchanging, absolute and ever shining the eternal Atman. Though the shastras are propounding this profoundly, the death of a person is causing only grief. When Dasaradha died, Sri Ramachandra was far away. When Lakshmana lost consciousness to the on-slaught of Indrajith, Sri Rama was worried about Lakshmana. Till Hanuman brought Sanjivani, Sri Rama felt extreme grief. There is no instance of Lord Srikrishna being affected by any one’s death. The state of equanimity of Sri Adi Sankaracharya at the time of the death of his mother is the state of Advaita. Sri Ramana Maharshi on the death of his mother Alagamma said, “All is over. Let us get back to our activities. What is there to entangle?”. His abiding in such a natural state is known to the world.

Death is nothing but a change. This is a natural transition. Jnanis perceive death as a natural evolution. This is a viewpoint which the world can follow. As personified motherhood, having shown affection on countless people in the world. Amma said, “I gave birth to all of you and gave you away to your mothers to bring up. When we see whether Amma followed the philosophy or merely taught in the light of such a profound declaration, we observe that what she thought, taught and what she implemented is the same. The death of Amma’s daughter Hyma is a divinely ordained wonder of wonders in contemporary spiritual history.

It is said that the son of a king has to live long to bear the burden of the sins of his father while the son of the sage need not live long. Since the sage does all good deeds, there would not be a load of sin to be borne and worked out by his son. The son of the sage does not covet even if he is alive. Thus even after the death, he is alive.

The son of a hunter faces struggle every day. He is made to die or live. From ancient times till the modern scientific age, thoughts about death and the lives after death are going on. It remained beyond the grasp and shrouded in secrecy though appeared within the reach of understanding!

Jnani is not swayed

Annamacharya sang, “Oh! To how many this Jiva belonged and to whom this Jiva is related!… The bonds that tie the bodies are broken along with cessation of the bodies”. To know this is not difficult. This is experienced by ordinary persons and Sadhakas more or less the same way. Jnani however is different. That is an attitude where no reaction is seen. In the case of Avataras, it is totally different. For them, whatever happens in the world is a celebration. Nothing gets attached to them.

Hyma, the daughter of Amma, is an extraordinary person. Her responses to the beings around her, her tender human relations towards all were intense, unusual, compassionate and vibrant with love thus placing her on a unique footing. Her goodness, poise and pleasant, peaceful countenance were soothing. When she died, it was a big blow. In fact, the human birth itself is a blow. When we examine whether this event impacted Amma who showered motherly affection on many or whether it is a part of celebration, we observe that whatever Amma did in such a situation was like what an Avatara would have demonstrated!

“More than the goodness of Hyma, the excruciating pains she experienced moved me. I have put her in Samadhi in the same way I gave her milk in her childhood. There is no end to the consciousness though there is end to action.” These words of Amma reflect the state of Achala. The incidence of Birth and Death is for the being. Existence is the real state of Atman.

Till the previous night, Amma was involved in the activities related to Hyma’s Maha Samadhi (consecrating and inferring Hyma’s body) and the next morning she participated in a book release function, took the holy water in Sri Hyma’s temple along with others, blessed those who gave her wedding card and participated in the daily activities as usual. All this reflects the natural divine aspect of Amma. Though Mahatmas move around seemingly entangled with the world, with bodies comprising five elements, their lives give out the message! Each instance has to be viewed to grasp its inner meaning and message so as to get inspiration rather than experiencing it as a mere occurrence. One should not imitate Guru and Mahatmas and One should not remain without following Guru and Mahatmas.

Thus, following, complying and experiencing, one hs to make intense effort to know the Self. This is (Sadhana) Spiritual Practice.

Sun’s rays emanate from the Sun. 

Moon’s rays emerge from the Moon.

As the golden ornament comes from the gold, Hyma who emerged from Amma is no different from Amma! 

In fact, Amma and the infinite creation also is One!!

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