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Magazine : Matrusri English
Language : English
Volume Number : 2
Month : February
Issue Number : 11
Year : 1968

“If rightly done, all calculations yield the same answer.”

– Mother

TAKE any of the sun’s rays and trace it backwards, and irrespective of which of the sun’s million rays we have chosen, we are sure to reach the same sun. All rivers can be traced to the seas: and though without a father one can come into existence, one cannot without a mother. Every man and woman, each flower and fruit, each bird and beast, can be traced to its mother. The water of the rivers do not alter whether we name it Ganges or Krishna or Kaveri: and the characteristics of ather can be found whether we take a fancy to enquire about a man’s mother or a beast’s or a bird’s. The same personification of protection’ (ie.,mother hood) can be invariably traced to. Now let us see how the same answer springs forth to all the questions that one often faces in his quest for conquest, from Kabir to Mother.

At the outset, many of the visitors are baffled by what they feel to be unorthodox ways that catch their eye at Jillellamudi. Mother receives one and all with the same loving smile, and with the same tenderness-be he a pariah (i. e. of a ‘low caste’) or one of higher birth, officer or layman, a pundit or an ignorant man, boy or girl. All cluster around Mother and address. her as Mother; and she responds to each on his own terms. Even if one is an out-cast, the moment his lips spell out the word ‘Mother!’, he becomes Her child and nothing can snap the bonds. that develop with that call which springs forth from the heart uncontrollably. Can there be castes and creeds and walls of seperation between children of the same mother, though they may vary in their psychological development?

“Jati pati puchai na koi

 Hari ko bhaje so Hari ka hoi”

“No one asks about your caste or creed. Whoever calls ‘Hari’ will belong to Hari” is the religion of Kabir.

Next comes the shaft that pierces one’s armour of pride and arrogance namely, Mother’s “simple” talk, the depth of which is unfathomable. If ever one tries to go deep into the meanings of her words, one feels that he is falling into a bottomless pit. The garb is simple, but the one who wears it is the strongest in the world, and no practice sparrings with Him will do; one will be knocked senseless (or into his senses?) with each word.

Kabir decried the learning that sought form only and ignored the spirit

“Pothi parh parh jag mere pandit hua na koi

 Dhoi akshar prem ka para so Pandit hoi”

“None found enlightenment by reading volumes of books. He who understood–two letters that are embodiments of Love gained emancipation” Mother says, “With literature, emancipation can’t be gained”. The blissful faces of the children that play in her shade, unaware of everything else, chanting the word ‘Mother’ whenever they are disturbed, illustrate the second part of Kabir’s saying.

In the religion of Kabir, the door is not shut to any one. “Not the counting of beads nor the matted hair nor the penances, but the Hearts shall be looked into” is his religion. The Lord dwells in the Heart. When you will pant for Him, weep bitterly for Him in separation, then would realization dawn. He accepts no bribe and all your apparent arts shall not take you one step nearer to Him, whom you say you love, if they be done without your heart in them”. Kabir wants us to be honest to ourselves.. So does Mother. When those who live hundreds of miles away say that they are feeling the comforting touch of Mother’s hand, or when in darkness, one who is afraid places his trust in Mother, and then sees a light that saves him from fear, narrates his experience, how can one help but say, “Mother looks into our Hearts?” When with learning one cannot understand Mother, and when. by unlearning what one has learnt, the face of Mother dawns in one’s heart can one help saying, “Mother! you belong to the hearts and not to the brains? In whose heart dwells the Lord, he performs the best worship” says Kabir. “Whatever action you may do, if you do it with the firm belief that it is God’s work, it becomes worship,” says Mother If you can see God in whatever act you may do, it becomes worship. and such a man’s worship is dearer to God than the thousand one learned articles about His glory.

Speaking of Love, Mother said once-Will it be possible to be in the state of ecstacy in love forever? Though the quality may be the same, the distribution varies atleast. Hear what Kabir has to say-Love, Love, everyone talks about, but none truly knows. That which absorbs you at all moments is love. That which overpowers you at one moment and passes away in another moment is not love. The unwithering love that lasts at all times-that is Love”. Mother once remarked: “How to call that emotion which changes its hues with the seconds as love. my child? True Love never changes. What stays only for a moment is not love.”

“He who severes his head, places it on the ground, and tramples it beneath his foot-he gets admittance into Love’s abode. If you are such a one, enter” says Kabir. But Mother, with all aflection and love towards her children accepts “coconuts that are offered instead of their heads’ and gives them entrance into her presence. Mother, But as brother Raju sang, one often feels that

Hiding the precious gems in Thy bosom

And wearing in Thy crown, worthless shells and grass”,

is eluding us. It seems to me that the ‘Pearls in the ocean deep’ are those who, like fish separated from water, will die when out of their love, and the best place for those costly gems is in the deep heart of the ocean alone. “If you can get intoxicated with love, you can dispel duality from thy heart,” sang Kabir and Mother’s words echo his song when she says, “To love is to become the beloved himself”.

Some people wonder when Mother takes into Her lap, even new-comers. But are they indeed new-comers? As already explained, the creed is. “Thy hearts will be looked into” though they be silent, Mother heard their call for Her. Kabir understood. the secret. “When love struck and went deep into my heart, each and every pore and atom of my body cried out Oh my dear!’, and it won’t need lips to say that.”

Mother’s abode at Jillellamudi is everybody’s home. All have equal rights and previleges. Yet people crave for realization when staying there. Now look at Kabir’s assurance if you still have doubts in your mind, even after hearing Mother’s assurance that “All are bound to the same destination. and all are bound to have the same good fate.”

“The same affection one has towards his family, if bestowed upon God, none can stand in his way to self-realization”. The house of all at Jillellamudi now appears as the converging lens that focuses all our scattering affections on to one spot-our dear Mother. If Kabir said, “When I joined my teacher within me, I was changed”, Mother put it even better: When I became one with “I’, everything is I.”

That pangs of separation will accompany the joy of union daily experience. With a heart full of joy we go is our to Mother, and try to spend a few minutes in her cool presence peacefully, but the thoughts about the hour of parting pollute even the happy moments: and cursing ourselves for our lot, we come ent and leave Jillellandi with heavy hearts. “Death is better than a life without pain,” said Mother. “If the joy expels the name of the Lord from your heart. damned be it. All praise to pain that, moment by moment, compels us to repeat the name”, Kabir said. It is indeed startling to see so many similarities, but then, “all answers to the same problem, if rightly worked out, will be the same”. Also, where can a Mother keep her secrets except in the bosom of her son? Let us remember the one warning of Kabir, and we are safe forever

“Keep awake whilst you fall asleep”.

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