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M S Sarath Chandra Kumar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 15
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2016

Rajubavagaru reached heavenly abode on 31 July 2016. He had an association with AMMA since 1954. To quote Dr Sripada Gopalakrishnamurthy garu, ‘Raju’ jnani matrudu kadu Vijnani’. Rajubavagaru declared ‘ANUBHAV ASARAM’ GRANDHAM LONI PATALANNEE AMMA DIVYAPRABODHALE. IVI SWAYAMGA AMMA VRASINAVI, VRAYINCHUKUNNAVI’ This speaks volumes on the sacredness of the work.

My association with Rajubava garu was more as a Musician. I had the good fortune of recording nine compositions for a Cassette recording done in Amruthavani Studio at Secunderabad and released by Jillellamudi AMMA SEVA SAMITHI, Hyderabad in November 1994. The songs were selected by Rajubava garu; he briefed me about each composition before Composing; and involved all through the Recording done for two days in the studio from 9 am to 6 pm.

Like Annamayya compositions, ‘Rajupatalu’ can be composed in Classical ragas and rendered in a Carnatic Music concert. Sangeetha Kalanidhi Dr Sripada Pinakapanigaru, a stalwart in Carnatic Music, composed and rendered 25 compositions using just the Tambura for Sruthi. He furnished Carnatic Notation for all the compositions and it was published as RAJUPATALU in 1980.

Gayatridevi garu, daughter of Sripada Gopalakrishnamurthy garu rendered Rajupatalu composed by her paternal uncle Dr Sripada Pinakapani garu and recorded in a cassette. MATRUSRI DIGITAL CENTER (M D C) at Jillellamudi digitized this rare recording besides several others. Only the Lyrics of 69 – compositions by ‘Raja’ – were brought out as a book and released on 5 May 1985.

Rajubava garu tuned his Lyrics and always presented at first in the divine presence of AMMA.

He rendered the songs in the same sequence as per the book published for recording in a cassette but added a lullaby written and composed when AMMA shed her body on 12 June 1985. These 70 songs recorded have been digitized by MD C.

Another publication –

‘AMMA PRASAD IN CHINA ANUBHAVASARAMU’ (‘Lochupu’) was published by Sri Viswajanani Parishat in October 2013 on Nannagaru Sathajayanthi Day. This book has section a containing 72 compositions; another section explaining the significance of all the 72 compositions; and narration of his association with Amma and experiences in yet another section. VISWAJANANI – Monthly published extracts from this book from 2012 August issue as series titled ‘Lochupu’ explaining the – significance of each song.

MATRUSRI MONTHLY TELUGU EDITION (which ceased – publication), published Lyrics of Raju Patalu from 1966 April titled ANUBHAVA RASAMU in a series.

Film produced by Matrusri Publications Trust on AMMA has some Raju patalu composed and rendered by professionals from the film field. Sri Ghantasala rendered the song Paduchu Paduchu Nikitha chatuchak; Sri Susarla Dakshinamurthy composed music; and Sri Pamarthy directed the film and involved in toto with the project.

Sri Mallapragada Seetharamanjaneyulu and Smt Seetha, parents of Smt Lakkaraju Vijaya Srihari produced CDs in two volumes titled ‘SOUJANYAKEERTHI’ Krithi sourabhalu. Vol 1 has 5 compositions; Vol 2 has 4 compositions of Raju patalu rendered by sister Smt Vijaya, staunch devotee of AMMA and an accomplished singer. Recording was done in a studio at Hyderabad involving professionals.

The greatest contribution of Raja Bavagaru to AMMA’S literature is through his Lyrics and writings. He left a great legacy behind that makes him unforgettable.

With salutations to his contribution, pray AMMA to bless the departed soul eternal bliss.

Jayaho matha

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