Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Viswajanani
Language : English
Volume Number : 12
Month : November
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2012

Quite often we tend to view worldly goods, material wants in terms of tangible worth. Even so the true value of the same could be widely variant or much different in real terms. Or the intrinsic worth of the good may be far high or even lower as the case may be. depending upon the circumstance and the particular situation that prevails.

In life, as experience mellows the individual realizes it is the true worth that really counts and not the so – called sheen or the mere superficial value that is attributed or implied. This is much more so in the presence of AMMA or the ALMIGHTY whomever one reckons so in terms of his faith or religious practice. In any number of instances or episodes associated withAMMA, this fact is proved time and again.

In the early days when the present sanctum ANASUYA SWARALAYAM was being contemplated, one very rich man opined that he shall complete the entire structure on his own. In real terms this statement remained an empty vaunt. The sanctum took shape several decades after, that too with the small contributions from many, as also the mite of the several humble and ordinary. Presumably it is not the individual intent or the riches and the capability that mattered but the collective mite which is humble yet sincere and earnest with devoted commitment. The subsequent decades that passed by in the completion of this sanctum convey this fact beyond any trace of doubt.

To think of a very ordinary subject, quite a few devotee children often offered saris to AMMA. Some, mainly those who can afford, gave very expensive silk saris to AMMA as a devotional gesture:AMMA used to ‘deal with them differently in each instance, as the case.may be.

At times AMMA wore those saris on the very same day. Call  for the person who offered the same and joyously tell him that SHE wore the same that day. Some other times, SHE used to tell them that SHE will wear the same and retain the sari with HER. In some very blessed cases AMMA used the same repetitiously. This obviously happened in the case of those who are humble, and earnestly devoted to HER. It is no gainsaying the fact that such persons were grace abundantly by AMMA

At times, AMMA gave away the sari in the presence of the giver, to another devotee who just came by. In a few other cases, SHE just blessed the same, touched

or felt the sari and gave back to the giver himself.

To recall a real life incident, one very affluent person sought AMMA’S darshan in connection with his daughter’s wedding whose first marriage failed. They brought a very expensive sari, but concealed the truth. AMMA returned the very same sari to them instantly with some packets of vermillion powder (kumkum). After their exit, SHE conveyed in the vernacular that such persons tend to be burdensome. Quite likely SHE meant irksome.

The fact is that they really, earnestly did not seek HER grace but looked for an

instant favor from AMMA to be granted to them. One cardinal aspect that evidently comes up is the sincere intent and the earnest devotion that matter and not the mere pretense as human nature is ever known to AMMA or the ALMIGHTY. No use trying to win grace through pretense or subterfuges.

If we deeply look into all these instances, we begin to understand that AMMA reflects the person’s true self or the inner self. Those who are artless and sincerely seek the grace are often blessed. Those who approach with a design or conceal their true nature beget their very own aspect as GOD or AMMA shall never be beguiled by the lesser mortal. For all the designs of the devious human beings, the divine entity has a ready and fitting response. The best recourse is to be straight and earnest. Even our scriptures abound in instances where the divine force met the heinous designs of the demonsseeking boons and outwitted them in the end subduing them entirely. Obviously, to be plain and simple is the best posture.

Coming back to the original premise, in the later years in the 1980s, AMMA always preferred soft silks, comforting cottons in view of HCR indifferent health. Devotee children, who are closer and in the know of this preference, always picked such clothes for AMMA. though AMMA accepted whatever was offered by the devotees.

This being the case, it was once observed by a devotee that a particular sari was very valuable in view of its high cost. AMMA then recollected one instance in the past when a very ordinary, inexpensive sari was given to HER.

In the early days of AMMA’S stay at Jillellamudi the conditions were very niggardly and stringent. AMMA eked out a livelihood; made a living from a very meager resource, to the point that it was almost a sparse existence. During such days 

Nannagaru insisted on taking AMMA to Guntur on some domestic matter at a very short notice, which did not allow any time for AMMAto look for or pick up a change of clothes.

As the proverbial, dutiful wife AMMA accompanied Nannagaru with the very same clothes SHE put on without a change of clothing. Reddy Subbiah was minding AMMA and attending to the daily chores and tasks concerning AMMA.

It is pertinent to observe that the running of Jillellamudi started with Manthrayi, a well known otherwise despicable character of Jillellamudi who was later reformed by virtue of his association with AMMA and attending on HER minding all sundry jobs. Manthrayi was almost guarding the person of AMMAthose days despite his vile nature to begin with.

A little later on, Reddy Subbaiah entered into this role who is a petty farmer at Jillellamudi without much of a resource. Knowing the predicament in which AMMA is placed; he came running to the seventh mile road. point and gifted AMMA two coarse cotton saris of nominal value, costing a few rupees in those days which from his point of view and pecuniary position are quite significant and valued. Not unlikely, that he could have stretched his little means to afford those saris.

Listening to the remark on the high value and cost of the latter day expensive saris brought by devotees, AMMA recollected Reddy Subbiah’s humble, yet thoughtful gift of the two saris to HER which spoke of his utmost care and personal concern finding vent in invaluable and inexplicable terms. Thus the true value of Reddy Subbiah’s gift far exceeds the latter day expensive saris

To dwell further on this subject, AMMA always held the trickling donations from the poor in very high esteem. To fondly recall during the time of AMMA’S GOLDEN JUBILEE in the year 1973, SHE wished that we give or dole out a few rupees or coins to the stark poor and take the same as their humble mite for the celebration or as their valued donation.

In the initial days small trickling donations in rupees were accepted from the not well off or not well provided almost bordering the poor to support the feeding and other activities at Jillellamudi. It is pertinent to observe at this moment, that quite a few of those who gave their small mite those days, have grown fortuitously to positions of means or their children too have grown up to be men of material means and substantial social status. Presumably this could be AMMA’S mode of distributive justice or HER own scheme of socialism..

To look in retrospect meaningfully, it is the sincere intent, earnest concern, devoted commitment which mattered and not the monetary worth of the contribution from the individual. There were quite a few instances, AMMA took the humble small gift from the devotee child who is embarrassed to make such a small offering and cherished such a small gift, to the utmost joy and satisfaction of the person offering the same. The poor and the humble touched HER almost with their trifling efforts or trivial offerings.

Verily as it is said, “The meek shall inherit the Earth” in the gospel. This fact is experienced in person in AMMA’S presence. The mighty and the haughty shall take the back seat.

Thus the true value of our offering to a cause or to the GOD consists in the steadfast approach, sincere intent, earnest devotion and singular commitment, not to speak of the sacrifice or pain involved. In the real sense, the true value consists in giving some thing of the person and giving off the self to the ALMIGHTY AMMA

Pray AMMA BLESS us with such exemplary values always and ever.

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