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Rajupalepu Ramachandra Rao
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 8
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2009

Every savior accepts his award on his terms –

Sri Krishna: ‘Give up all forms of righteousness and take refuge in me’ (“Sarva Dharman parityajya….”)

Buddha: “Be light unto you and follow the eight-fold path”

Christ: “Take up your Cross and follow me”

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa: “Renounce Kamini and Kanchana for realization”

Sai: “If you turn to me, I shall look to you” From all the above, the effort is on the aspirant. The savior stands on his terms firm, in spite of all his Grace and Compassion. You will have to do all your grinding in order to become fine. Then only you may have a chance.

In the case of Mother the scenario is different. She comes to us on our own terms. The onus is on her. “If children smear themselves with dirt, as mothers, is it not my duty to cleanse them and take them up in my arms?” she says. As far as is known, no other savior in the world is on record to have gone thus far in the act of saving.

We know from scriptures of ‘Mother aspect’ represented as ‘terrible’ as she is the Power behind all phenomena. ‘Balapriya Rudrapriya’…. (meaning fond of blood and life sacrifice).

In different ages, the saving power of Mother worked through different forms. She knows how to wield weapons and kill physically in order to redeem spirituality (Mahishasura). Her touch of the spear was also emancipating (Bhandasura). Her blood stained sword is a symbol of quick reclamation (Sumbha – Nisumbha) of erring souls. Of all classical manifestations, ‘Lalitha’ is most benign. Even she can only be worshiped by the “indrawn” but never by extroverts. (Antarmukha Samaradhya Sudurlabha). Bahirmukha We know from scriptures that ‘Mother’ is ‘Brahmanda Bhandodari’ (Mother of all Universe), in which we are also included.

But now, for ‘Yuga Prayojana’, the sweetness is benign. The nature of Mother Aspect is seeking to find new manifestation over reaching her classical. In this age when man has become weaker, mother seems to have grown softer, for, salvaging has become as important a task for her as saving. So, there is a change in the divine disposition and strategy and in the art of reclamation. Now there is no need for weapons – the need of the hour is tender motherly love; unsolicited succor and winkles of nursing of sick souls. This is the mightiest weapon of Motherhood of God. According to Mother, ‘hood’ itself is Mother.

Even red eyes would not chasten, for her children are so incapacitated. So she comes without splendor, like the humblest mother of the most humble among us. Her Grace is unique and foregone – all out to attain you on your own terms. Even wiping out dirt is not your concern. You have only to know that you have ‘Mother’. This would appear to be the special meaning of the term ‘Motherhood of God’. No mother can be harsh with a sick child. So, the illusive (Maha Maya), Terrible (Samharini) and Sportive (Leela Vinodini) aspects are completely digested and sublimated. We find now in her only the overpowering savior aspect tinged with utmost sweetness of motherhood. In her, motherhood attains a new perfection in manifestation as she comes to the ‘jiva’ on his own terms without manifesting any of her illusive, sportive or terrible aspects.

When the child cries, mother leaves everything on hand and runs to him. When the child soils itself she does not say “go and cleanse yourself”. She herself cleanses and takes him up. So, mother has no time of her own. It is all children’s time, unlike the father. He chides if the child disturbs him while engaged otherwise or is busy. At leisure he calls for him, to make him amused or happy and even if the child does not like it he must come. So, though father chides, guides, lifts and protects the child, mother swings, feeds, nurses, nourishes and saves.

In this age, many cannot approach a savior on his terms. So, God’s motherhood has sought us in the form of Mother, to make our task easier, to make it no task at all for you to get all even without your asking. 

Though intrinsically, she is Raja Rajeswari – She comes to us as a simple village woman always working for and serving the children. In her present life as long as it was physically necessary, she cooked and did all household duties. In her spiritual and universal protection, there is equal refuge for the inspired, illumined souls, struggling aspirants, fallen souls, simple innocents, worldly crooks and oppressive cranks. It is now a world complete with all patterns of human souls in the midst of which she stays and does her divine work. She is now not in the camp of monks, but householders. She belongs to the totality of mankind. Otherwise, how can she be Mother to all? From whichever corner of the world you come to Mother’s parlor and when you leave, she stands at the verge of the world watching your receding steps.

In the horizon you see Mother’s face. She thus places you in the rhythm of spiritual evolution without even your ever knowing about it. Therefore she will not see she has no need to see any one’s faults. As one who can lift, transform and transmute you from any distance, she has no need of thrashing you. She only unfolds you from within, unlocks the power she kept embedded in you – a spark of her own being. It is the eternal relation that never snaps.

Mother herself not only assures us of her Divine Motherhood but also says we are all her children and for all she has a type of extreme love that earthly mothers are not capable of. She cannot differentiate. She cannot be one sided. Motherhood refuses to be encumbered by geographical or social boundaries; it is for deprived souls specially; the incarnate divinity has special responsibility. Children who know how to take care of themselves do not need as much of mother’s help and care as the fallen, the sick and the wicked.

She initiates disciples without caring for formalities. Persuasiveness and pervasiveness are her watchwords. Mother says, “Remember that you have a Mother standing behind you and protecting you always.” Then, what do you have to worry about? We have, however, to remember Mother. Should we not do this much for one who is the perfect guarantee of our spiritual progress in the future? Even if we forget, we cannot escape her benign protection and care: for she resides within us as our ‘agnana’ (ignorance). May Mother bless us all.

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