Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 11
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2012

(‘Mother means the Beginning’ – We shall begin this issue with Mother’s words)


“Convince me about the actuality of re-birth. I don’t need to believe. I don’t agree just because you do. Prove it and then I will agree”

“The very persons, who said that reincarnation does take place, have written on the other side that there isn’t any re-birth”

“We shall not deny rebirth if one takes happiness and misery alike. But why should the same one be reborn? A wave rises and falls. Another rises. How could you say the same wave has risen”

“Who bestowed ‘Prarabdha’ in the ‘first’ birth? You didn’t have any ‘sanchitha karma’ before that, did you?”

“If you say each rebirth was caused by your deeds in the previous birth, what caused your birth in the first instance?”

“Is rebirth bestowed on you or earned by you? – If earned, you could get rid of it, can’t you? (If bestowed, you are not responsible for it)”

“One may say that he remembers his previous birth. Let him tell us where he was after death and before rebirth. (No one speaks of the interval)”

“The individual comes into existence when the sperm and ovum are united. He is neither in the father nor in the mother (before that union). How could memory exist before that union?” 

“I don’t say that rebirth (of an individual) is impossible. I only say that rebirth is not your making. It can only be the CAUSE that ushers the first birth gives another”

“SANCHITHA, AAGAMI, PRARABDHA, which is earlier than which?”

‘CAUSELESS’ is the cause for birth”

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