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Waiting on THOU, MOTHER

Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 7
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2008

Waiting on THOU, O! AMMA, Mother,

Finding none else on this

Earth to aspire for or beseech:

The lofty, blue clear sky,

 Reflects the crystal clear equality

Of YOURS, and the earth that 

Forms the very base, only suggests 

The loving care THOU brought me up with..

The breezy movement in the air, 

The raging flame in the fire, 

The purging, purifying element 

Of the water; all these vouch together,

 For THY forbearance that is,

 Exalted and the best exceedingly.

Thy benign, contemplative glance is

 Sweet and endearing, sounding the

 Melody of stringed musical rhapsody,

 In my heart, ringing the echo of 

The celestial muse longed for always.

THOU are but the truth timeless,

 And the eternal reality that lasts,

 Even the very BRAHMAN filling

This entire universe is but YOU.

Oh! AMMA, Mother, awaiting THOU, 

Find none else but THOU on this earth..


Being in nearness to the divine persona is invaluable and has inexplicable, auspicious impact. Difficulties ease, hardships wither away and good turn waits round the corner, whether or not the individual understands. Such is the effect of proximity to the divine. Such opportunity shall never be lost or bypassed in life. Even so it emanates if one is destined and such divine association is preordained.

The moment the being gets into nearness of the divine personality, one may not or need not do much; simply waiting on the divine is itself a service and means well for the lesser mortal.

It is said by a renowned English poet “They also serve, who only stand and wait” (John Milton). Simply standing in abeyance and awaiting god’s diktats is also a service, more humble yet augurs well for the person. Such a posture of being in wait makes the person conscious of the divine aspect, lessening other negative influences.

AMMA said “Seeing ME is attaining”, and to convey the same in HER own words-“Nannu Choodatame Pondadam”. SHE added that a visit to Jillellamudi never goes to waste, meaning clearly that it does well. SHE categorically pronounced that the person to whom one bows takes the entire onus and ‘not the one who bows. This implies that SHE takes over the burden of all such beings who bow to HER. Thus seeking AMMA, or awaiting HER, standing in attendance, being in wait are all well meaning, imply auspices for the subject, viewed in whatever manner.

Here the subject is waiting on AMMA, and says that he could not find anyone else but MOTHER, to look for and be in attendance. Though he looked all over the earth, he is only impelled towards AMMA JILLELLAMUDI and regards HER as the MOTHER OF ALL on this earth.

Thus beckoned to AMMA’S presence, he ponders over the environs and the surrounding ambience. His mind dwells on the elements and observes all the elements amidst which the self is placed.

When he observes the lofty, clear, blue sky he finds that it reflects only the pure, unblemished equality of MOTHER towards all beings. Verily the sky unfolds a vast open space that throws up an indiscriminate, equal opportunity for all life, to breathe and sustain itself.

When one sees the earth, its stoic endurance, inordinate forbearance; proffering the beings all the means of sustenance without expectation or little reciprocity, it only suggests or prompts the unremitting love of the MOTHER, which looks for little in return, yet ever gives forth. This only gives the person a feel of the care and warmth, with which he was brought up by the MOTHER.

Then he ponders and realizes that AMMA or MOTHER is the best of the best and contains the essence of every element.

MOTHER is but the facile, breezy movement in the air, but for which the entire life on the earth comes to standstill. This is because; the air carries life-sustaining oxygen.

AMMA is but the raging flame in the fire that keeps up the various life-giving processes, like the sun’s combustion lighting the universe, fire used for preparing the food, performing the sacrifices (yajnas) and so on. Fire is the basic element that supports life by giving light, heat, warmth and so on, but for which it could be icy cold inhibiting life and its growth.

SHE is but the purifying, purgatory element in the flowing water. Water cycle is basic for life support and the very existence. Besides, it is essential for cleaning, purification and so on. There is no gain saying that without water, hardly one can live for no more than a few days. Water cycle in the form of evaporation and rain are prerequisites for life and life emanated only after water formed around the earth.

Thus the individual finds AMMA in all the elements and realizes that all the elements coexist in AMMA; HER being the MOTHER of the universe and the whole creation. The elements too appear to pay their tribute to AMMA and in a singular voice, vouch for HER limitless forbearance and boundless endurance ever present. Having contemplated this unity of the elements and AMMA and their mutual synergy, the person proceeds to have a sight of AMMA, and moves into HER presence.

When comes into AMMA’S presence, he is subject to HER benign look and HER gracious glance, that tends to contemplate the humble mortal bowing before HER.

AMMA’S sight stirs the person deeply and it moves him. Oftentimes, the person who has a glimpse of AMMA for the first time is moved beyond words and sheds tears uncontrollably. This is the experience in quite a few cases. These are termed as “TEARS OF BAPTISM” by the knowing and understanding among AMMA’S devotees, for these tears mean a new birth for the person and mark a new beginning in life for the subject.

New vistas are presented. Life unfolds a new and positive turn without the knowledge or unawareness for the person. A silent alchemy begins from within the person. The good in him is enhanced and the negative traits are slowly diluted, eventually lessening them to naught.

Yet this new beginning overpowers the individual and touches the psyche of the person deep within, having been ushered into a new existence or going through a new experience hitherto unknown. He is pushed into the positive mode, as positive bliss awaits every one, though after a varying time lag, according to AMMA.

AMMA’S glance of the individual is intense and probes the person, reaching the inner core. HER contemplative glance of the individual is touching, sweet and endearing. It exposes him to the melody of a stringed musical rhapsody, a very soothing experience. In his heart echo the mellifluous notes of the heavenly music, which he longs to hear ever after. The senses are made more acute, intensifying the same to receive the godly touch. The faculties are heightened to do ever better in this world whatever be his walk of life.

The realization dawns on the individual that AMMA is but the timeless truth, the infinite everlasting reality and the all- pervasive Brahman.

The person is convinced that there is none else on this earth or the universe, but AMMA to beseech, to be sought and to wait on.

[Adapted from ‘Anubhava Saram’ by brother Mannava Butchi Raju Sarma song “Nee Korakai Nenunna”]

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