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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 7
Month : July
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2008

Why MOTHER? Why at all?

 All this suffering that,

 Is it going through stoically?

In the heart you contain,

 The fire that glows in the

 Deep unfathomed ocean bed, 

Not seen on the surface

 But too devastating and potent.

On YOUR visage, is seen the 

Coolness of the snowy peaks, 

That soothes all those who 

Come into YOUR closeness.

Oh! MOTHER, this is baffling,

 And disturbs us the lesser beings,

 Unable to comprehend this, 

Nor accept this intriguing dichotomy.

YOU conceal all the precious,

 And invaluable gems, deep

In thy bosom; but adorn all the 

Petty shells, and shreds of straw,

 Only to elevate them or give 

Those neglected, a new sheen, 

Just as the ocean’s depth contains

The precious gems and exposes the trite

 Shells, straw and seaweed; 

Yet with a marked difference, 

To benefit the less known, 

Or the more slighted.


 Take this suffering at all?

In reality, even if we probe deeply, 

An inordinate difference looms

 Before us when we see the subjects

 Or the individuals chosen as

Thy minions for the so called

 Worldly purports of YOURS.

Perhaps, this is only to exemplify

 That the path of progress and salvation,

 In the cryptic twist of Creation,

 Involves many a level set with multiple steps.


Often the worldly person is beset with weaknesses. Human nature is essentially frail. As AMMA proclaimed “Porapaatlathokudinade Maanavathvam”. Having said this, SHE is ever tolerant of the weak and the meek and always took them into closer quarters, regardless of their frailties. SHE exemplified HER compassionate understanding of this aphorism that “Frailty marks human nature” in word and deed.

Apparently this is an essential part of HER mission and ministry. But to the close onlooker, this is touching and even disturbing at times, for AMMA is needlessly exposed to all such lesser mortals and has to suffer their baseness, as also their misdeeds or ill deeds.

AMMA declared that it is HER bounden duty to cleanse the children of their muck and dirt as their MOTHER and so accept them as they are, without being choosy for the very best, virtuous or the highly talented.

This is one mode of betterment for all those ordinary and commonplace because by virtue of HER proximity the individual tends to improve his lot as also his person eventually. SHE added that the good and virtuous are in any case; well received in the world at large and SHE shall always look and care for the lesser mortals.

To the onlooker, all this suffering or sufferance appears needless and self imposed. If such a viewer is emotionally close to AMMA, he tends to empathize and vibrate to the same, though it is an inevitable component of HER self imposed design.

Mother of All

Such external subject opines, or feels as though AMMA contains all the virtuous and sublime beings within and accepts the frail and the common place for HER activity in the world; just as the ocean hides the precious gems in its unfathomed bed and exposes the valueless shell and seaweed on the water surface.

Despite all this load and suffering AMMA’S presence emits the coolness of the snowy peaks to those who seek HER, containing the potent, devastating fires of the deep ocean bed within HERSELF.

Further, the great solace is that AMMA never held the individual responsible for his doings whatever they be, and accepted it as all because of a higher prompting that is beyond the person’s reach or control.

The person and his doings are not in his hands but contained in the overall order in AMMA’S words “Kathalu Chethilo Levu”. Ordinarily, the individual human action is but a part of the set design or the overall divine dispensation.

So also whenever the person expressed his inability to overcome his weaknesses, AMMA ever comforted him saying that SHE will make the correction when needed or when the right. moment arises, simply because ala AMMA “Annitiki Kaalame Kaaranam” or time is the causative factor for all actions, be they high or low, good or bad.

Even the quality or rightness of action is not weighed with a judgmental aspect but accepted with equanimity and dispassion in an overall motherly commitment towards the individual. The person shall meekly surrender to HER protective motherhood.

HER motherly love covers all the rights and wrongs, as also the need for correction whenever needed. Also AMMA expressed a concern that if SHE also tends to be choosy, who would care for the lesser mortals.

Furthermore, when we look at the persons AMMA has chosen for conducting HER activity be it service or spiritual or the very mundane, they are not picked for their backgrounds or caliber. The ordinary seem to excel and perform very well. To cite, Reddy Subbaiah, an ordinary farm hand has minded the routine for some time, and much earlier a despised field worker Manthrayi assisted AMMA in the daily chores.

Even AMMA’S scribes are very ordinary. AMMA declared that “Panditha rayalu. Paamarudayina Pandithude na katha raasthadu”, thereby meaning that every ordinary man of common literacy or education shall write HER story and not the learned scholar, which SHE exemplified in real life.

The inner truth is that SHE is not so much dependent on the capability of the subject as the strength of HER ‘sankalpa’ or volition suffices to complete the given job that works in spite of the person, and brings out the required excellence.

SHE declared – “Ikkada Gaddi Pochathoti Cheyisthanu”. Meaning that even a straw blade can be made to work for HER and therefore individual excellence or competence is of little relevance. Only surrender and devotion to AMMA bring out the excellence, once the action forms part of HER volition.

But in such a design, despite the uncommon and exalted nature, coupled with HER supreme, absolute control, SHE is often exposed to the lowly, devious human nature and the consequent suffering. Such a fall out is obvious and inevitable. Yet it is equally the process of improvement or edification for the others, who are otherwise commoners that tend to be with AMMA.

This is just as the ocean contains the precious gems in its hidden depths and exposes the common shells and seaweed on the water surface. So also AMMA contains all the fire and grime within, and emits the coolness of the snowy peaks, to those who flock to HER.

Thus the so called human frailty is contained within and sublimity induced, elevating those who are ordinary and commonplace, opted for by HER own choice and design, in which high and low, or the wicked or virtuous make little difference, in an all cleansing, all elevating MOTHERLY presence.

(Adapted from ‘Anubhava Saaram’ by brother Mannava Butchi Raju Sarmasong “Enduko Neekenduko”)

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