Magazine : Matrusri English
Language : English
Volume Number : 2
Month : April
Issue Number : 1
Year : 1967

A Visitor: Do not make a fool of me, Mother!

Mother: I do not make a fool of you, I will make you full.

Visitor: But so long as we are here, we are full. Once I return to Hyderabad, what is there? It’s “Dunlop” again! (He works in Dunlop Co.) 

Mother: Develop’, not ‘Dunlop’

“Mother, why do we say say ‘Chi Chi’, to infants?”

“It is to imply ‘fie’ that this world is unreal, that there is nothing enduring in this world and that this world is unberable”

“Why do people break coconuts, Mother?”

“Because they can’t break their heads!”

“Mother, why are bells sounded at the time of offering lighted camphor to the deity?”

“It is to attract the attention of all towards the deity. As we are unaware of the eternal watch of God over us, our attention is directed to Him thereby”.

One day, the inmates of “House of all” collected all kinds of leaves to offer them at Mother’s feet. However, in the course of the worship, they kept aside the leaves which were prickly. Seeing that, Mother said “Offer them, why do you put them aside?”

“No Mother, they are prickly.”

“Offer them. They are not more prickly than you!”

A few of the visitors that came to see Mother during the rainy season happened to slip on their way in soft mud. When they recounted it to Mother, she said:

“This mud is better because it can be washed away. Even though you fell, you fell nearer to the Mother. You came for that and so you fell!”

Eight of the girls that stay in Mother’s presence refer to Her as Lord Krishna, and call themselves His Eight wive (Ashtabhaaryas). Someone jocularly asked Mother: “Show me one among them who is beatiful?” Mother prompted the answer to one of the eight girls- “Tell them, dear, that the nearness of your Lord constitutes your beauty and that nothing more is needed for you”.

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