Yoga Sadhana

Seshu, Rajupalepu Ramachandra Rao
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 16
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2017

from the diaries of “Raaga Bandham” (Rajupalepu) Seshu and Rajupalepu Ramachandra Rao* (~ 1966, 1967,1968)


Yoga in the East and mysticism in the west conclusively prove the existence of super-conscious stature of mind.

Since nothing in the world of experience happens without the combination of two (mithuna) – two hands to clap or two humans as a couple – even consciousness is impossible without its being or existence and hence represents the unity behind duality. Sat-Chit = Ananda real mindful Ananda is Bliss.

Shakti which is Tatwa (substance) approaches light on knowledge and there arrives the desire to create and Bindu is formed. This bursts, divides and becomes Bindu nada and Beeja. Stimulator and Stimulated. Nada comprises the relation between Bindu and Beeja. When Bindu bursts, there arrives the volume of sound, all sounds having meaning. According to Physics it can be construed that if the Bindu is Quantum, according to the Theory of Relativity, Nada is the wave system. There ensues the multiplicity and resultant touch of air, taste of water and smell of earth etc., (Bhutas) that mean existence.

Evolution and Involution

Mother playing with her child often takes the child off and on

(Involution is an experiential practice of life. You can observe it everywhere. Ultimately, Involution can help deepen, strengthen and liberate us, helping us to attain Self-Awareness and self-liberation, it is a process living with authenticity. For too long many of us have been stranded fighting, striving and struggling to better our external lives. Eventually, we feel stressed and disillusioned at the end of the day. This is why Involution, the evolution of our inner selves is needed.) to her face to enjoy and such is evolution and involution. One must climb up by the very same rope he has come down and the process is the same whether in Evolution or Involution. Therefore said to be “Leela ” of a mother playing with her child holding him up or taking him off from her and towards her but holding him all the time in her hands and just for her enjoyment. We must infer from AMMA’s “Leela ” that we are her children and how she keeps us in front of Her or away from Her is up to Her. As children are born with the cord attached to the mother’s womb in the physical world, we are born out of the Universal Mother with the spiritual cord attached and this very own cord is our rope for salvation as well.

Hence we must find no place for individual “Free Will” but the like of the Mother. (i.e., The rope we came from).


Our mind when concentrated and trained develops tremendous power to understand and control the various gross and subtle laws of nature and these may not be perceived by our naked eyes just as the radiation of the cosmic rays. But we understand the existence of both cosmic rays and mental functioning.

Physical senses deal only with unstable material worlds. Meta physics, psychology, parapsychology, Mysticism and Yoga are concerned with the non-material, higher and real world of mind (chitta) which transcends all laws of space, time, mass and casualty. They thus show the way to eternal reality by advising humans to withdraw mind from outside material world and concentrate on reality.

As Scientists prove that Energy is the ultimate principle of the cosmos, the Vedantist also proves that psychic energy (i.e. spirit or soul) is the permanent principle in the human body. So, from whichever point of view from outside world or inside, we reach – the same ultimate unitary principle in Macro and Microcosm by whatever name we may call it [Radiant, psychic self-acting Energy, spirit, soul, absolute, brahman or Reality]

What life is, is not yet known to sciences, physical, biological or chemical excepting the protoplasm and D.N.A. tapes (the latest discoveries) in which all the individual’s life is recorded. Leave alone mind, intelligence and ego and the soul. The methods and means investigating the physical objects cannot be applicable to those of the spiritual world as they at the best may necessarily lead to meta-physics.

* Late Sri. Rajupalepu Ramachandra Rao was one of the early followers of AMMA. He was a strict Yogi that when he used to perform his meditation, his body used to glow with an aura behind him.


– “Raaga Bandham” (Rajupalepu) Seshu

“His great spiritual gospel is the gospel that India has been giving to the world during the immemorial ages the consciousness of the infinite personality in all creation, the gospel of spiritual unity and divine immense, and the truth of the immortality of the soul and it’s ascent through many births to ultimate and blissful union with God”.

दे ओदसि म्भरतो वर्ष जन्म लब्ध वै व मनुष्य मधूकम

न क्रियादात्मनः श्रेयः तेनातम वंचित क्षिरम ||

Having obtained the evanescent blessing of the human embodiment in the holy country of Bharatavarsha(India), if a man does not attain the highest latitudes of the soul, he is one who has defrauded himself of the highest blessing

Our Sadhana lies in our yearning to see the supreme being.

Omnipresence of AMMA (1968)

A Muslim youth from Khammam used to visit Mother (AMMA) before 1968. Once he came, bowed to Mother and sat there. Amma asked him why he was so emaciated. He replied that as he was practicing Pranayama, he became so lean.

Mother told him, “In that case, stop practicing it”. The youth said that he could do so only after informing his “Guru” or teacher. Mother asked him to inform his teacher that she told him to stop. She continued, “Tell him that I will give you the state which you aspire to reach by your practices. Eat thrice a day and take rest”. He informed his teacher, took his permission, stopped his practices and regained his health.

Some years later, he went to Srisailam with his relatives. There he saw Mother sitting under a tree. He introduced Mother as the one who saved his life. All of them bowed to Mother and took “Prasadam”.

After some time, he came to visit Jillellamudi with the same relatives. He said that it was long since they saw her at Srisailam. Mother said, “How could you see me in Srisailam? I never went there.”

He and his relatives affirmed that they saw her in Srisailam. Those in Jillellamudi confirmed that Mother never went to Srisailam.

The youth said, “Mother. That we have seen you in Srisailam is true. That you never left this place may also be true. Real truth lies in our good fortune that we had you as our Mother. What else do we need!”

Mother said, “Go to Annapurnalayam and eat, what more is needed!”

“Jayaho Matha”

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